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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gone. Really. Completely.


It's a sad yet exciting experience moving to a new home. It's still not completely furnished, there a few paintings that still need hanging, many boxes that need unpacking, and a few plugs that don't work yet. But it's in livable condition- there's fresh content as often as I can serve, and warm water. So come on over and don't forget the housewarming cookies (I love cookies).

This has been home for the past two years, and I have grown to love Blogger. It saw growth, love, fights, stupidity, and a whole ton of art. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it doesn't fit my things anymore, and I found myself having to move out. This house will stay open, but it will get dusty with the days.

There are new keys, your old keys will open an old house now.

Please update your address books, it's rude to lead people to an empty house!

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