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Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup Fever

Is that the most cliche post title or what? Oh, well, a fever dictates some things and that title is a part of the package I guess.

I haven't blogged in what seems like a while to me (actually, the last post I poured Robenergy into was on the 12th, so there goes), and mainly, it's been the World Cup. Although it's not the first time I watch and yell at TV during the FIFA season, I think it's the first time I understand what the World Cup is all about; man... all these countries, all these people, all these cultures, exchanging a sweaty tshirt at the end of a match. It's the most fascinating experience (so is it too weird to be so easily amused at stuff that most people don't even notice?)

Anyway, I know that that sentence isn't enough to explain what I'm feeling, but whatever, I'm really not in the mood to explain, I'm too high on football. It really is plenty of fun. It's fun to watch people react to the games. It's fun to see the way the players react to each other. It's fun to scream and yell and get all angry at a ball being tossed around. It's fun to look at all the hotties. I also absolutely love Amman during this time, the streets are empty if a game is playing (especially Brazil, man, we're so passionate about Brazilian football that we should be given passports), and then during the time that it's not, there's such a crowd! It's awesome.

The funnest part though? The four years between each World Cup. My first memories of the World Cup are of 1994, but the first World Cup I actively watched was that of 1998. Then 2002, which I mostly watched in Amman with my fellow Jordanians-living-in-Riyadh. We went back to Riyadh as soon as it finished, and I still had a year to go in highshcool. I can't believe 2002 was four years ago, and I can't believe the next World Cup will be 4 years away!

What will happen in 4 years? Where will I be? What will I be doing? Who will I be with? Who will I watch most of it with? Questions, questions, and the answers will only come upon with another World Cup. In four years.

Yeah, I know this one has just started, and I think I'm rooting for the Spanish. I don't know yet.

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