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Monday, June 12, 2006

Where is the anger?

When I read that Zarqawi had died, I felt nothing- no sense of satisfaction, no sense of relief, no sense of justice. He is but a name, and unfortunately, the name isn't the problem, the problem is a mentality, hardrooted into god-knows how many people.

As the days passed and people reacted, the nothingness I felt turned into rage.

The "sees-sees-sees-Zarqai-ya-khasees" (anti-Zarqawi) chant is still fresh in my ears from the demonstrations that took place in November, but now after his death, the chants have turned into "bil roo7, bil dam, nafdeeka ya Zarqawi" (pro-Zarqawi). What the hell? Is our condition that bad? Has the brainwashing reached this extent? Or are we just emotional idiots who change our stands depending on circumstances?

Then to only escalate matters and make my rage soar, deputies of the Jordanian Islamic Action zeft in Jordan went to his funeral and refered to him a “martyr”, someone fighting for the “Islamic” cause. One of the deputies, Mohammed Abu Faris, attended prayers for Zarqawi’s soul during Friday prayers, and called him a “martyr”, "unlike" the victims of Amman's November bombings.

MY GOD. THESE STATEMENTS CAME FROM ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. Echoing Batir Wardam, as a Jordanian citizen, I am ashamed that such individuals are a part of the Jordanian Parliament, our national representatives!

What the heck can be done to halt the growth of such agendas in our country?!

As angry as such, I decided to attend the sit in that took place today in protest of the ‘pro Zarqawi’ behavior of the four Islamic Action Front deputies. What greeted me there made me even more angry. The sit-in was full of protestors, yes it was, but there were no Ammanites. I was the only female, and probably one of less than a dozen Ammanites attending- IN THE MIDDLE OF AMMAN.

What the hell, Amman? Where is the anger? These representatives are supportive of actions that murdered our own blood and soil. The sit-in was two streets up from the Radisson SAS, where one of the bombings happened, in the very middle of our city, in the very middle of our wound, at a time when the insane sick assholes may attack another target across the street from our houses- and we sit silently and watch?!

What the hell does it take to move us against such atrocities?!

demonstrations demonstrations demonstrations
demonstrations demonstrations

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