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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stealing a page

I was amused by Omar's post featuring his flickr favorites. It's cool seeing the colors and personalities that make up a person's taste- so I thought I'd share some of mine. Not all of them- you can check all here.

From FuxxiónFrom David WymanFrom yanaljrFrom missShellie
From chishikilaurenFrom chishikilaurenFrom FINALS executing M@ZENFrom Earth Child
From chishikilaurenFrom waelpixFrom yaznotjazFrom Secular Humanist
From shoegazerFrom yazeedFrom justin lawFrom Mafa
From David WymanFrom chishikilaurenFrom Fata Al-JanoobFrom Inti
From •thekoreånrhinöªFrom Phoenician BFrom KaddyFrom decibell72
From DWintonFrom lilFrom blurbFrom Sabri M. Hakim
From Yazan MalakhaFrom !HabitFormingFrom Sabri M. HakimFrom s3ood
From uBookwormFrom Fata Al-JanoobFrom underbunnyFrom jonwild
From KaddyFrom Berta...From Abo ObaidFrom amvollmar

Can you tell anything about me from my favorites? ;)

(and did any catch your eye?)

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