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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Scrambled, please (and why blogging is bad for your health)

For the past four nights I've been having eggs for dinner (at around 3:00 AM) in futile attempts to teach myself how to make scrambled eggs.

I've always loved scrambled eggs. Toast on the side.

But Arabs don't make scrambled eggs, well, at least my family doesn't, thus making the scrambled variety a treat (perhaps because it reminds me of vacations?). Eggs made here are generally boiled (yuck), fried (closest variety to scrambled), or um.. 3yoon (which I will not attempt to translate at 5:00 AM with a project due in a few hours).

That said, I came upon a scrambled eggs recipe on a blog 4 days ago. Attempts keep resulting in fried eggs. Over and over again.

I guess it's hardwired in the genes.


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