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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Closed for Redecoration


The other day I felt like having a Doolab sandwich, basically kabab done the shawerma way in this tiny place in a hidden alley in Sweifieh. To my surprise, I found a big banner that loudly said "Closed for redecoration".

Today, I went to have shawerma at my favorite shawerma place, a cheap Turkish stall in Jabal il-Hussein. I looked and looked for the store among the plentitude of stalls, then I saw a small white paper glued to the only closed stall. Closed for redecoration. WHATTT?

Why is Amman becoming more design conscious all at the same time?!

It sort of reminds me of Tom & Jerry, a little hamburger place that was down the street from my grandmother's house growing up, and probably my favorite diner in the world at that point. One summer, we came to Amman to find the front door of Tom & Jerry sporting a "Closed for redecoration" sign. It hung there for a very long time. Tom & Jerry never got through to redecorating and the place never opened again.

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