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Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup Mania

The Jordanian way...

... and for God's sake don't sit and have piss fits at how this is not "Jordanian" but rather Western Ammani fakeness- it's definitely Jordanian, ok? Regardless of whether it's Western Ammani Bag3awi or even Tafili. JUST DON'T HAVE PISSFITS AT ME.

That aside, here are a few pictures and a video I took today of my brothers and friends getting ready to go watch the Argentina-Germany match.

You would think that they are Germans or Argentinians from all the passion- alas, the Arabs fada7oona in the World Cup and the Jordanian team has a long way to go before they show their sweaty calve muscles at the World Cup so whatever, eh?

I say, "Go Germany!", friend sitting next to me yanks my hair and tries to type "Go Argentina!"


Germany fans

gggoooooo blue

germany's gonna kick argentinaS arse

gooo germany!

argentinians are sad

And Argentina just got a goal. NOOOOO!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kill her. Dead. End of brand.

As a child, the only toy that ever proved satisfying to my creative needs was Barbie, and not in the girly-girly "Yayyy, dollll!" type-of-way. I loved Barbie because it provided a creative outlet I didn't find in videogames, sports, and boardgames. I could design her house, give her haircuts, glue fabric to make her clothes, create complicated plots starring my very big Barbie collection, and even sit her drown on my bed and draw her in my little sketchbooks.

Looking back, as funny as this sounds, Barbie's impact on my life was drastic.

It was during all those hours bending over my dollhouse changing the colors of the walls, arranging the intricately designed furniture, and making my dolls clothes that I decided I want to be a designer, and although I was so young, it is one of my most vivid memories. I was spending the day with a childhood friend of mine, Aseel, and while we were sitting on the floor glueing beads and fabric to make dresses and spraying glitter on tiny chairs, the conversation moved to what we wanted to be when we grew up. That day I learned a new word from Aseel- "designer", a job where we can almost play with furniture and clothes forever! We both loved the idea so much that we decided then and there that that was what we were going to be when we grew up.

The next many years saw Aseel and I preparing for our dream. We poured our effort into taking art classes together, sitting for hours with scissors and paper exchanging tactics we learned, making cards, dying our hair bright blue to look "artistic", sitting on her family computer pouring over 'MS. Paint', and we even took painting and ceramics classes.

I lost contact with Aseel when I was around 16, then I saw her in the mall last year and we chatted for a few minutes, and to my delight, I found out that she was also studying design at some university in Dubai.

I find it amusing that we both got what we wanted, we both became designers, but Barbie, our childhood muse, is seeing red.

I've been reading about her decline for years now and witnessing it as my baby cousins replace Barbie's graceful beauty with the aesthetic ugliness of Bratz. Today, a radical idea is being proposed: Kill her. Dead. End of brand.

Could it really be? Is Barbie really dying? Has she stopped providing creative energy to little girls?

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Detour City

Detour City

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How to encourage students to think for themselves

"There are three things which you may never write about in your essays for this class."
That was the first thing I heard yesterday in my first writing class on the first day of the summer semester.
The professor walked up to the chalkboard and wrote the following three words:

1. Religion
2. Politics
3. Sex

An hour later in my second class, Military Science, the officer introduced himself and then told us that there is one thing that will never be discussed in this class, and which we are not allowed to ask any questions about - politics.

Snippets from the website of Jordan University,

The adoption of the principle of democracy in the education and decision-making processes.

... it is by such activity that the university would become a main center of enquiry into the physical and social problems of the country. Within its precincts, there could grow up succeeding generations of students with an understanding of the sociological and technical problems of their country, and, as practical experience was added to their theoretical knowledge, these scholars would be in a position to make an outstanding contribution towards their solution.

How depressing.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

For the love of...

Warhol :)

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely adore Andy Warhol? Like absolutely. To bits and little tiny pieces.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 021

Anyway, I've been having this intense craving for mushroom soup every single day of the past week, and aside from lunch at a friends house today and breakfast at Wild Jordan yesterday, mushroom soup is pretty much the only thing I ate all week.

I love Campbell's.


Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

colorless green--> drab green(bright)

ideas --> creative thoughts

sleep --> are dormant

furiously --> opressed, fighting to get out

A drab idea that would have otherwise had creative potential lies opressed and struggling for release in the brains of idiots who refuse to accept that anything can make perfect and fantastic sense with a dallop of an effort inclusive of thinking.

100% full of sense.


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 018

When it was spring, every time I'd get on the phone with my parents, they'd ask about the plants. Did the flowers bloom? What colors are the tulips? Is the gardener taking care of the herbs? Naturally, I don't know anything about plants, so I generally just take pictures and show them later.

This morning, while walking to my car, I couldn't help but let out of squeel of delight when I saw a tree blooming outside in the garden. When my mother came after spring, she was really disappointed to see that this particular tree wasn't blooming at all. I hate the fact that she's missing it, especially as it is so big and pretty, so I just thought I'd blog this picture to show her (hi mommy).

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yay or nay?

Worked on this for a school project, not sure I like it enough. What do you guys think?


Happy 24th of June to all Jordanians.

Road Rage

I'm often accused of being too aggressive a driver ("people like you cause road rage!"), and admittedly, I do use driving as anger management every now and then. Although I'm usually a nice calm person, piss me off while I'm driving and I have no problem rolling down my window and having a cow (hi zooks).

Isn't this awesome? Driv-emocion gives drivers the ability to express themselves traffically without getting too extreme. Your standard :) and :( are options while text such as "back off" and "thanks" offer a more direct expression. I'm not sure it's expressive enough for me, but I love it anyway.

Beep. Beep.

+ Core77

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

How, em, politically correct


This is a print ad the guys over at Room 116 found in a magazine in the Dominican Republic.
I think its amusing, on many different levels.


An awesome and really creative formula:

Blank white billboard:

Graffiti artists have some (legal) fun:

Adidas people cover the graffiti with stencils:

Awesome, eh?

Another cool billboard that caught my eye:


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Walls of Gaza

"Target" by Palestinian artist Laila Shawa, of a boy whose face is in the cross hairs of a rifle.

Shawa uses photographs of the ‘raw dialogue of graffiti’ on the walls of her hometown, Gaza, to bear witness to the brutalisation of lives, and in particular the impact of the ongoing conflict on children.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Closed for Redecoration


The other day I felt like having a Doolab sandwich, basically kabab done the shawerma way in this tiny place in a hidden alley in Sweifieh. To my surprise, I found a big banner that loudly said "Closed for redecoration".

Today, I went to have shawerma at my favorite shawerma place, a cheap Turkish stall in Jabal il-Hussein. I looked and looked for the store among the plentitude of stalls, then I saw a small white paper glued to the only closed stall. Closed for redecoration. WHATTT?

Why is Amman becoming more design conscious all at the same time?!

It sort of reminds me of Tom & Jerry, a little hamburger place that was down the street from my grandmother's house growing up, and probably my favorite diner in the world at that point. One summer, we came to Amman to find the front door of Tom & Jerry sporting a "Closed for redecoration" sign. It hung there for a very long time. Tom & Jerry never got through to redecorating and the place never opened again.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup Fever

Is that the most cliche post title or what? Oh, well, a fever dictates some things and that title is a part of the package I guess.

I haven't blogged in what seems like a while to me (actually, the last post I poured Robenergy into was on the 12th, so there goes), and mainly, it's been the World Cup. Although it's not the first time I watch and yell at TV during the FIFA season, I think it's the first time I understand what the World Cup is all about; man... all these countries, all these people, all these cultures, exchanging a sweaty tshirt at the end of a match. It's the most fascinating experience (so is it too weird to be so easily amused at stuff that most people don't even notice?)

Anyway, I know that that sentence isn't enough to explain what I'm feeling, but whatever, I'm really not in the mood to explain, I'm too high on football. It really is plenty of fun. It's fun to watch people react to the games. It's fun to see the way the players react to each other. It's fun to scream and yell and get all angry at a ball being tossed around. It's fun to look at all the hotties. I also absolutely love Amman during this time, the streets are empty if a game is playing (especially Brazil, man, we're so passionate about Brazilian football that we should be given passports), and then during the time that it's not, there's such a crowd! It's awesome.

The funnest part though? The four years between each World Cup. My first memories of the World Cup are of 1994, but the first World Cup I actively watched was that of 1998. Then 2002, which I mostly watched in Amman with my fellow Jordanians-living-in-Riyadh. We went back to Riyadh as soon as it finished, and I still had a year to go in highshcool. I can't believe 2002 was four years ago, and I can't believe the next World Cup will be 4 years away!

What will happen in 4 years? Where will I be? What will I be doing? Who will I be with? Who will I watch most of it with? Questions, questions, and the answers will only come upon with another World Cup. In four years.

Yeah, I know this one has just started, and I think I'm rooting for the Spanish. I don't know yet.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Stealing a page from the past...

alo alo
Before the advent of a hot cellphone market, there was "Alo".
"Alo" is no more, but a lot of "Alo" phonebooths remain standing as a rather humorous tribute to the ephermerality of time- "Yeah, we don't work no more and we haven't worked for years, and most of us are as banged up as hell, but hey, look, we stay."

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

حواديت كأس العالم

Snippets of tales from the World Cup ;)

"MAN! What's up with all the ties?!"

"Germany played with my nerves!"

"سوف نرى الفائز خلال التسعين دقيقة القادمة"

"عدم قدرة السعودية على الحفاظ على تقدمها في المبارة يذكرني بالمطاعم التي تفتح في مدينة عمان.
حيث تكون هذه المطاعم جيدة في البداية، ثم بعض شهور عدة يصبح طعام هذه المطاعم غير مقبول!

"سارة الحماد ستكون اليوم ممثلة المشجعة السعودية فهل سيكون مشجعات سعوديات غيرها في مبارة اليوم؟

"من هنا ارى أن فرص الفريق التونسي اقوى من بكثير (برشا) من الفريق السعودي. غير أن المقولة المعروفة أن الكرة مدورة تبقى ، فالمفاجأت كثيرة

"Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Roberto Carlos were just fooling around!"

"Lets hope for some real Brazilian samba when Brazil meets Australia on the 18th of June!"

"Another thing, if anyone needs the Viaccess key just drop me a line and I’ll send it around."

"برافو عمر"

Be a part of the 7adouteh.

Register now and say what you have to say.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My favorite thing about the World Cup...

... the Tunisian commentator of ART, Isam Il-Shwaly. Seriously. He's awesome- absolutely random and insanely passionate about soccer.
He makes me laugh so hard.



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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Like I said a few days ago, it's only been three years, so it's weird that I barely recognize the aerial map of Riyadh anymore. I have a hard time remembering the routes I took to the school I went to, although I took that route twice daily for many, many years. I have a hard time spotting Tahlia Street and that was the street that I'd look out at every night before bed. I can't even spot other places at all. It's all so fuzzy.

Anyway, Google Earth has finally updated the aerial map of Riyadh, so I spent a good amount of hours browsing through it today (sick, leave me alone), and naturally, memories came flocking in, especially of highschool, Manarat Al-Riyadh.

I don't think anyone in the world could have hated highschool more than I did (although admittedly, it was a lot more useful in terms of education and challenge than university), but I donno, I'm here in Amman and most of my friends have their highschool friends around them and I'm just extremely jealous, because I know I will never see 95% of my highschool colleagues ever again.

Anyway, that said, here are a few snapshots I took while browsing.

All the buildings aside from the ones sticking out to the right are the school I spent most of school education at. It's funny looking at it from above. The little red square is where my homeroom was, and my god, I can't even begin to remember all the times I was told off for staring out the window into the gazebos that filled the school.

If you're interested in non-aerial photos of that huge construction:
bay 673

Ghost town, eh? A part of why I hated highschool. It was more of a military experience than anything else- there were so many rules and regulations it was fricking insane- to the extent that if you wore pink socks, they would take your shoes.

The other snapshot is of our house.

There were no buildings infront of us when we still lived there. One of my favorite things to do was to sneak to the roof and sit on the window's tiling, which would give me one of the most beautiful views of Riyadh ever.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Where is the anger?

When I read that Zarqawi had died, I felt nothing- no sense of satisfaction, no sense of relief, no sense of justice. He is but a name, and unfortunately, the name isn't the problem, the problem is a mentality, hardrooted into god-knows how many people.

As the days passed and people reacted, the nothingness I felt turned into rage.

The "sees-sees-sees-Zarqai-ya-khasees" (anti-Zarqawi) chant is still fresh in my ears from the demonstrations that took place in November, but now after his death, the chants have turned into "bil roo7, bil dam, nafdeeka ya Zarqawi" (pro-Zarqawi). What the hell? Is our condition that bad? Has the brainwashing reached this extent? Or are we just emotional idiots who change our stands depending on circumstances?

Then to only escalate matters and make my rage soar, deputies of the Jordanian Islamic Action zeft in Jordan went to his funeral and refered to him a “martyr”, someone fighting for the “Islamic” cause. One of the deputies, Mohammed Abu Faris, attended prayers for Zarqawi’s soul during Friday prayers, and called him a “martyr”, "unlike" the victims of Amman's November bombings.

MY GOD. THESE STATEMENTS CAME FROM ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. Echoing Batir Wardam, as a Jordanian citizen, I am ashamed that such individuals are a part of the Jordanian Parliament, our national representatives!

What the heck can be done to halt the growth of such agendas in our country?!

As angry as such, I decided to attend the sit in that took place today in protest of the ‘pro Zarqawi’ behavior of the four Islamic Action Front deputies. What greeted me there made me even more angry. The sit-in was full of protestors, yes it was, but there were no Ammanites. I was the only female, and probably one of less than a dozen Ammanites attending- IN THE MIDDLE OF AMMAN.

What the hell, Amman? Where is the anger? These representatives are supportive of actions that murdered our own blood and soil. The sit-in was two streets up from the Radisson SAS, where one of the bombings happened, in the very middle of our city, in the very middle of our wound, at a time when the insane sick assholes may attack another target across the street from our houses- and we sit silently and watch?!

What the hell does it take to move us against such atrocities?!

demonstrations demonstrations demonstrations
demonstrations demonstrations

Sit in

Ahmad Humeid and Batir Wardam have both already blogged about this, but it is certainly worth reblogging.

There will be a sit in tomorrow Monday at 11 am, to protest the ‘pro Zarqawi’ behavior of the four Islamic Action Front deputies at Majlis il Nowwab in Abdali (next to King Abdulla Mosque).

Be there.


I didn't have a blog then so I have no idea when the exact date was, but I do know that early June marks the end of our third year here in Jordan.
My god, I can't believe it's only been three years. Three years! Such a short time, and yet it feels like an entire lifetime. Heck, even the last World Cup was further back!

+ My "Amman, Amman" photoset on flickr

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Veggie Delight

bay 4031


Scrambled, please (and why blogging is bad for your health)

For the past four nights I've been having eggs for dinner (at around 3:00 AM) in futile attempts to teach myself how to make scrambled eggs.

I've always loved scrambled eggs. Toast on the side.

But Arabs don't make scrambled eggs, well, at least my family doesn't, thus making the scrambled variety a treat (perhaps because it reminds me of vacations?). Eggs made here are generally boiled (yuck), fried (closest variety to scrambled), or um.. 3yoon (which I will not attempt to translate at 5:00 AM with a project due in a few hours).

That said, I came upon a scrambled eggs recipe on a blog 4 days ago. Attempts keep resulting in fried eggs. Over and over again.

I guess it's hardwired in the genes.


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Friday, June 09, 2006

Screw ART!


I'm sitting at home working on a project, but the only thing I can think of is the cheering and screaming coming from the Howard Johnson World Cup Bash across the street.
Screw ART for monopolizing on sports.

32 teams : 32 cultures

Today the first football will be kicked off a stadium starting the World Cup, 2006. My God, has it really been 4 years since the last World Cup? It feels like it was just last summer.
But it has, and tonight will mark yet another collision of 32 different teams from 32 different cultures all with one passion- football.

To celebrate the diversity, bora.herke studios created an individual, off-beat, artisy farsty football for each qualifying country, based on a key characteristic from the designers’ point of view, designed with a wink at the culture or the mentality of each of the 32 qualifying countries.

I absolutely love them!

Here are my favorites, but they're all worth checking out, so check them out here.





The only 'twigs' I'll ever be willing to put in my house...


They're gorgeous aren't they? I'm especially in love with the pink one.

I feel like forwarding this gorgeously designed nature-induced gadget to whoever designed the ugly twig flash drive.

+ Undead Army

Entertainment Challenged

It's a little weird being a very entertainment-challenged person among people who really love being entertained. I've said this before, but as it's important to the post, I will say it again- I do not know anything about the latest movies, the latest TV shows, and the latest music sensations, because well, I'm simply, well, not interested.

Last weekend, I call up a friend and ask what he is up to. He says, "I'm running a lost marathon."

What? A lost marathon? So late at night? A MARATHON? Then it clicks. Ahh... a "lost marathon" must refer to a personal crisis he is facing in his life, and this crisis must be taking a lot of effort from him like a marathon, but as he said "lost", his efforts are apparently going no where. Ya 7aram!

Then just as I am about to start consolling him, he tells me he has to get back to "it". You can imagine my confusion. He's getting back to "It"? How can he go back to a personal crisis?

Later on that week while with a different group of friends, I discover that there's a really popular television show called "Lost", and this is when I realized that my friend must have been "Running a 'Lost' marathon." Silly me. My god, the beauty of quotations! The beauty of visuals!

Such incidents happen often, my daily conversations are filled to the brim with stuff like "I'm sorry I have no idea what you're talking about", "I have never heard of that show", "Who the heck is Carrie?", and "No I haven't watched that movie."

I mean, it's not that I haven't tried. My friend Sarah once left me in her apartment while she went to pick someone up with nothing but a "Desperate Housewives" DVD, and all I could do was muse over the fact that people are actually entertained by this. I've tried to watch movies like "Munich" and "Wedding Crashers" only to decide that even staring at a blank wall is a more fascinating experience. Sarah claims that I'm going to wake up one day and think "OH MY GOD. I have just wasted 20 years worth of really good shows."

Naturally, in our globalized world, this generally refers to Western entertainment, because we Arabs aren't very productive in that field. Just take a look at what is probably the most popular Arab entertainment network, mbc. Other than the sheikh who provides the whole "hey-look-we're-making-up-the-sex-scenes-with-a-lesson-from-a-guy-with-a-beard" strategy, the front page is 80% hardcore Hollywood and 20% Arabized Hollywood.

Not that I'm complaining, looking at the Arab stuff makes me glad that entertainment is Westernized, because I've personally never seen an Arab production that wasn't absolutely horrendous on many different levels. Well, I like Kafroon, and I do think old Egyptian movies are absolutely fantastic, but somewhere along the line of the religiousalization of our culture and various other factors that I cannot come up with, Arab entertainment creativity plummeted downwards to a level that makes me feel like crying.

That aside, I generally blame my lack of interest in entertainment on my tiny attention span which impairs my concentration abilities rather than on lack-of-creativity from anyone else's side. I just cannot get myself to take in a set flow of information that is presented in television.

I'm the kind of person who starts a book by reading the last chapter, followed by a random skipping around of chapters until I think I understand the story. This way, I understand the story the way I want to understand it, and I also never wear the plot out, because the next time I read it, I read it in a different order which gives the book a completely different flavour. I just can't do that with a movie. I've tried to play chapters in a DVD randomly, and although it was admittedly a lot more amusing than watching a movie straight out, I still couldn't skip through paragraphs or go back to previous chapters with ease.

And this is why you should never talk to me about popular entertainment, or even the fancy-schmancy European movies that are all artsy-fartsy. Or ever ask me to a movie. Or make me make a movie.

I will not have the slighest idea what you're talking about. I will refuse. And my movie will suck.

(But if you ever do, rest assured that I will immediately equip Google, because this person cannot stand not knowing.)

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi is dead.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mr. Superman


I fell in love with the portrayal of the human torso during art foundation year. The curves... the muscles... the smoothness... my god, it's just absolutely delightful to try to imitate. With charcoal, you have to do it so carefully or else you'll go overboard, and you have to keep the curves so fine or else it wouldn't have the soft suppleness of human skin! With clay, things are even more fascinating, because you have to push and smooth all the right places.

Anyway, seeing the thumb of Jean Paul Gaultier cologne bottle everytime I opened my blog gave me this really strong urge to create a torso. So I woke up this morning - really early after hitting the sack at 8:00 PM the night before- with that mood where I just want to do something fun, so I decided to make Superman. Here's a sneak peak at my Superman before he gets a head and before he gets a paint job, look, you can even see his belt!

Me loves Superman.

Woof! Woof!

So Hareega has a really interesting question- who do you think is on fire this time round in the World Cup?!
I said Brazil... not because I know much about soccer, but generally because they're hotties.
Who do you think will win? :D Make your prediction now!

كل سنة و انتو سالمين صبايا

اليوم عيد الستات

زنخة، بعرف، بس لسا أحلى من البوستات تبعون نهاية العالم و يوم الشيطان و مش عارفة شو

school stuff

Monday is finally over, signalling the fact that I'm done with most of my classes. I have one project left, but without a gazillion other projects to worry about, I'm going to enjoy working on it. Its funny there's some negativity to being too chilled-out a person when it comes to stress and pressure; I only realized that 20 hours with 4 studio courses is just way too much of a workload for one semester yesterday at 5:00 PM, after basically being sleepless for several days, with a room that looks like a hurricane struck it, and a lot of slacked stuff that I need to catch up on.

I'm taking summer courses this year (or I think I am, I register for the summer courses every year, but then I decide that it's too hot and end up dropping them, and this summer is looking as hot as ever). I registered Oloom Askareyeh (Military Sciences, still looking for a wasta), and an elective called "Writing" in the English Department. Allah yostor 3al writing class... I registered it a few years back as well but after my first class and a huge argument with the professor over whether the word "Glad" is an extinct word or not, I dropped the entire course. I need to take an elective though, and as this class seems to be one of the few options, I'm taking it again hoping that it would be a different professor. I'm not looking forward to it eitherway, I've seen the tests, and it's the same level of writing we took in the 6th grade, including questions such as "Write a letter to your penpal telling her about Jordan". So not fun.

09:44 am

zooksies 1320

I've had the same phone for around 3 years. I've had this as my background for a little over 2 years (a picture of my mother and I taken with the phone). I've had the same ringtone for around 2.5 years, and it's a ghetto song that I hate and that I thought was a Kathem Il Saher, but apparently I was wrong and I can't be bothered to get a different ringtone.

Tagged by the Don.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Music Appreciation

| ||||||||| `--------' | O
`\_,-------, _________________________|

/ XXXXXX / `\ /
/ XXXXXX /\______(

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Quick poetry help needed

Did I mention that I know zilch about poetry? Although I took English Literature for many, many years.
Anyway, point in case is, I need a short poem related to the passage of time, a poem that reminesces happier times, or a poem generally about the ephemeral nature of time and how much things may change. I need this poem in the next few hours. Lyrics will also do.
Help, anyone?

Stealing a page

I was amused by Omar's post featuring his flickr favorites. It's cool seeing the colors and personalities that make up a person's taste- so I thought I'd share some of mine. Not all of them- you can check all here.

From FuxxiónFrom David WymanFrom yanaljrFrom missShellie
From chishikilaurenFrom chishikilaurenFrom FINALS executing M@ZENFrom Earth Child
From chishikilaurenFrom waelpixFrom yaznotjazFrom Secular Humanist
From shoegazerFrom yazeedFrom justin lawFrom Mafa
From David WymanFrom chishikilaurenFrom Fata Al-JanoobFrom Inti
From •thekoreånrhinöªFrom Phoenician BFrom KaddyFrom decibell72
From DWintonFrom lilFrom blurbFrom Sabri M. Hakim
From Yazan MalakhaFrom !HabitFormingFrom Sabri M. HakimFrom s3ood
From uBookwormFrom Fata Al-JanoobFrom underbunnyFrom jonwild
From KaddyFrom Berta...From Abo ObaidFrom amvollmar

Can you tell anything about me from my favorites? ;)

(and did any catch your eye?)