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Monday, May 15, 2006

What a way to start the day...

zooksies 796

Some asshole hit it and ran off some time during the night. The hit was really strong, the damage is huge, the left tire is entirely misplaced.
Of course our lovely police are not helping- "how can we have a kroka when the guy ran off?"

Ah. Not my baby!

Yel3an abu heik shaghleh.

I hate everyone and everything.

Update: Ok, the damage isn't that bad il7amdella, the shasi is fine and so on and so forth, and it needs around 10 days. After having the car wenched to Marka, we opened a kroka "ded majhool" or whatever, but the insurance company with all its loops and shit says that they will only cover 50% of the entire sum as the kroka is "ded majhool" although the insurance contract is shamel! URGHH!

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