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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Student of Design

... and one of the worst bits about that is creating makeshift solutions for "I'm just a student with no professional equipment" problems. Take for example a project due this Sunday- how the heck am I going to give the font on my package that shiny gellatine-y cover layer?

Genius makeshift solution: Maybelline Water Shine Nail Polish - chip resistant and super high-shine, all the while somehow managing to maintain the font's characteristics.

zooksies 1036

It doesn't show much in the picture- but seriously, it shines!

The freaky thing about all this is the fact that I just cannot get myself to sit still and listen to one hour of a movie, and yet I can sit for three hours painting type with nailpolish. And I actually enjoy it.

Time to go spray glue. Did I ever mention that I absolutely love UHU Spray Glue? Ahhh... efficiency in a bottle!

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