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Monday, May 15, 2006


Today is the 58th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakbeh.
I could have pasted a history lesson, or shared the stories of others as I have none, but then I decided that I will be more personal, perhaps a little too personal, with a little family history.

These portraits of my family's pre-1948 life in Palestine.

Paternal grandparents
My paternal grandparents (coincedentally, his too)

great grandfather, great grandmother, great aunts
My maternal great-grandparents and their daughters, my mother's aunts. I'm loving the tarboush.

maternal Great grandmother and great aunt
My maternal great-grandmother and her daughter

great uncle
My maternal great-uncle

Today, my mother's family, Dallal, is scattered between Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the US. My great-grandfather is buried in Jeddah, and my grandparents are buried in Amman.

Most of my dad's family still live in Nablus, Palestine. My grandparents are buried in Nablus.

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