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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Like every single Sunday morning at 6:30 AM sharp, the first thing that crossed my mind today was "Damn, I should have gotten more sleep over the weekend." The train of "fresh" thoughts this morning were slightly worse than usual though, because the gloomy and overcast sky that I opened my eyes to made me cringe and think how it just didn't make sense how life could be so cruel.

Why can't the world run at night?
Why don't they sell Nescafe on campus anymore?
Why can't I ditch my midday class to go nap?
Why isn't there a quiet place to go read and have coffee nearby?
Why did I go to bed at 4:30 AM?
Why the heck is the internet connection at Jordan University so goddamn bad?
Why am I too sleepy to concentrate?
Why do I have to have classes till 5:00 on Sunday?
Why can't I sleep like a regular human?
Why do I have that 1.5 hours break?
Why can't I stand people when I'm sleepless?
Why? Why? Why?

That's my weekly Sunday serenade. Nice, eh?
As for now, I better run off and go look for a source of caffeine on this godforesaken campus- after all, it's only 10:30, and I need to last till 5:00. That's like what- 6 hours? I won't even attempt to do the math.


(Note: I'm not really whining. I'm just sleepy and bored at school, and I'm sitting in this depressingly green lab resereved for the fine arts department that's in the middle of the IT building with strict instructions to not let any of the IT kids in (they got cooties), and it's raining and cold outside, and my friends didn't bother getting out of bed this morning, and I have an Arabic test at 3:00 and I still have to whip up an essay for that class, and I'm really craving mo3ajanat, and there is no Nescafe at Jordan University anymore, so leave me alone.)

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