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Friday, April 21, 2006

Tickling inspiration

(Did I ever mention that I love MoCo?)

These awesome collages are created with currency by collagist Christopher Wilde. Wilde cuts various shapes out of paper money from around the world to form collages with economic and political undertones and overlays. You can check out a gallery of his work here.

Moving over to yumminess, photographer Meredith Allen snapped shots of slowly dripping ice lollies of familiar cartoon characters set against a clear blue sky in various beach locations over a five-year period. Making me all warmy and fuzzy inside- man, I love the summer. And I love icecream. I really do. I can't wait till the summer really starts and the minimarkets become stocked with the shelen bright red eskimo from Jabri. Yum.




Finally on the list is Ryan Bown who creates geometric forms based on chaos theory, all formed using hundreds of painted cotton swabs. Yes, cotton swabs. Is that cool or what?


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