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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Story of a Piece of Cheese

Direction: Roba Al-Assi
Writing credits: Roba Al-Assi (story)

Genre: Mystery / Documentary
Plot Summary: After invading a cheese factory, the result of 2 hours taking pictures through a belt made of cheese (ok, leather, but let's play pretend).

User Comments: It don't add up
User Rating: **********__ 9.6/10 (11 votes)

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Complete credited cast:
Roba Al-Assi's belt (now lost), Ruba Haddad (professor), Noor Sawalha (student), Odai Nemri (student), Sultan Petro (student), Tamara El-Sheikh (student), Dina Hallaq (student), Hala Qattan (student), Raed (technician), Marah Arafat (student), Khuzama Judeh (student)

Runtime: 50 seconds
Country: Jordan
Language: Visual
Color: RGB
Sound Mix: None
Certification: None

Student1: What are we doing?
Student2: Miss! Ma binla7e2!
Professor: Roba, stop taking pictures!
Professor: 7atojlootoni

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