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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Women in the eyes of Arab artists

In honour of International Women's Day, my "Contemporary Arab and Islamic Art" class was dedicated to a much loved motif in the art world- women and womanhood. I feel compelled to share my favorite paintings from today's material that deal with womanhood by some of the most famous contemporary Arab artists.
Arab women, within their natural habitats and in their natural customes and ways of life, drawn by modern day Arabs. All these paintings are lovely, and are incomparable to each other in their own artistic rights, and although I shouldn't be saying this, my favorite it is the first one. It hits home. Which is your favorite?

6. Jordan Mohanna Durra, 1964
"Woman From Salt" by Muhanna Al-Durra - Jordan
Few paintings make me smile like this one does, and I absolutely love the work of Muhanna Al-Durra. The old Salti woman's smile is heart warming.

23. Kuwait-Jafar Islah
Jafar Islah - Kuwait

28. Palestine-Nabila Hilmi
Nabila Hilmi - Palestine

14. Egypt-Inji Efflatoun
Inji Efflatoun - Egypt
Drawn while Inji Efflatoun was at prison for "communist" issues.

13. Egypt2-Gazbia Sirry
Gaziba Sirry - Egypt
We spent a while analyzing this painting. The rebellious look of the woman is fascinating.

7. Hussein Bikar Egypt
Hussein Bikar - Egypt
I love the style of this one. It is interesting to note that Bikar spent the last few years of his life under house arrest simply because of his faith- he was Bahaa'i.

33. Saudi Arabia-Fahda Bint Saud
Fahda Bint Saud - Saudi Arabia

38. Sudan-Bastawi Baghdadi
Bastawi Baghdadi - Sudan

46. UAE-Sheikha Hessah al Maktoum
Sheikha Hessah Al-Maktoum - UAE

41. Syria-Ghassan Sibai
Ghassan Sibai - Syria

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