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Saturday, March 11, 2006

We dream in color

And the internet is in color. Eye candy.

I absolutely love this razorblade necklace. Creative isn't it? The whole pun on razor blades and hearts fascinates me. Me wants. [Rare Device]

These necklaces are just as beautiful. I love the lack of balance, and the whole biker chic (or cowboy chic) style. [Thea Grant]

I absolutely adore this set of tableware! It's so vintage in such a delicious way. I actually have a thing for the lacey vintage look, especially in such bold pop artish styles. [Rosanna Inc.]

So imagine this gorgeous red glass chandlier right above a table set out with the french lace style tableware above. I would totally kill for it. [Murano]

This is the awesomest wall clock I've ever seen in my life. You can move the little cubes around to your hearts content. I love it! [RND_Lab]

writing plates
And now I can doodle stuff on my coffeeware! [Lekkerhome]

Tea set to die for. Man, the colors and the prints are brilliant! [Missoni]

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