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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Universal Connections

What is the difference between analogue and digital, physical and virtual? What connects and bridges these apparently different worlds?

(None to me)

I find the concept of this project completely and insanely tantalizing, teasing the personal indifference I feel towards difference. What difference? My life is too digitzied.

(Is that bad?)

These objects and products that are surprising, enlightening, inspiring and questioning, sometimes even amusing.

(Culture of the indifferent, universal connections but empty none the less. I'm getting depressed)

Hitting painfully close to home.

a snapshot from summer, your favorite gig, your first time or your last flirtation. do you want to click through your memories or bury them?

what’s more significant – what we see or what it means? object or content?

no access for unauthorized persons.

any more secrets?

are we suited to one another? are we really compatible? how long will it last? it’s all about give and take – synchronize!

data injection

plastic, steel and glass. where should the data go?

what are our essential needs? what do we really need for surviving?


(Check the rest of the objects out here)

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