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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stop. Think. Love.

I still use cassettes.
I Limewire a dozen mp3s, burn them into CDs, and then I "burn" cassettes out of the CDs. These cassettes all find a loving, welcoming place in the trunk of my car, because I never really get to use them as I use the iPod when I'm driving alone and listen to the radio when I'm with my friends who absolutely can't stand my taste in music.
Yet, I just can't get myself to give up the cassettes, and month after month, the cassettes keep piling up.
But here's someone who found a much more efficient way to use them; Transparent House creates a tribute to an object of their 80's youth (and this is where I stop and contemplate the fact that an 80's toddler uses cassettes in the new millennium).


Ahhh... awesome! Tape Lamps, lamps made of audio cassette tapes.

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