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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Mother of the Martyr
"Mother of the Martyr" by Rula Dallal

She's a teacher, she's a mentor, she's a friend. She's an artist, she's a philosopher, she's a psychologist. She's spiritual, she's open-minded, she's commonsensical. She's firm, she's loving, she's understanding. She's modern, she's conservative, she's cool.

(In every sense of every word)

She taught art at schools and teaches life skills at companies, she mentored young adults outside of schools, and she is a friend with anyone who needs a friend. She's a selling artist, she holds a master's degree in philosophy and a bachelor's degree in psychology. She's too spiritual for my liking while all the while being extremely open minded towards everything, and she holds common sense supreme. She's firm with rights and wrongs, yet always able to understand. She's a heck more modern than I am, yet we always manage to argue about more conservative issues that I am very much against.

(She hates the fact that I'm a feminist)

Influential. In the past months, I've referred to Warhol, mosques and Mondrian as some of the things that have influenced my life, but all along, I've been saving her, the most special and most drastic influence, for a special day. This influence is an open mindset. It's a fervent career. It's the greatest love I have ever known.

(Today is Mother's Day)

Rush: Misty watercolor memories (this is how you hold a brush), the galloping dreams (you be whoever you want to be), rows upon rows of printer ink on a stock of A4 written by a 9 year old (you write beautifully, write, Ruba, write). How to play with the Atari (look Ruba, Mario saves Princess Toadstool), snap a pictures (never a take picture that doesn’t have has people in it), freedom to think(believe in whatever you have knowledge about, a fair God will not judge a person who came to their beliefs through knowledge).

(It's all in the game and the way you play it, and you've got to play the game, you know)

It's not merely an influence. It's who I am.

She's my mother.

Hope The Dream of a Girl Jerusalem Jahan

Note on paintings: The media used is watercolor on silk. Silk is a highly reflective material, thus accounting for the high brightness in the images. They really don't do the paintings justice, I should have taken them during the day.

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