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Friday, March 31, 2006

Shallow. Cultureless. Lacking in self-confidence.

"What drives a person to converse in a language not his own? Is it that he considers the Arabic language not worthy of being spoken? Or is the English language, or as they refer to it, the language of the civilized youth, superior to Arabic?
This, of course, stems from lack of self confidence! This person tries to make up this deficiency in his personalities by using a language other than his own to appear better - according to his faulty perspective- and to appear to be a civilized youth!"

As translated by yours truly from an Gulfian Arabic blog which I won't link to because I am not in the mood to start a flame-war (but are you surprised to find out that it's the blog of the same person who believes that the word "Bye" is a mighty conspiracy against our convictions?).

Nice, eh?

Anyway, save for a few exceptions such as Serdal and Tech2Click, I very much dislike the Gulfian Arabic blogosphere. It is infested with hate, intolerance, and that particular Arab mentality that make me want to shoot someone. Ok, 'dislike' is too tame a word, but let's leave it at that shall we?

After reading the post the excerpt is from, I have this sudden impulse to stand on the rooftop and scream my dislike out to the world. Me is getting really pissed off with the elitist attitude towards the Arabic language. Yes, it's a beautiful language, no one can deny that, but that doesn't make everyone who doesn't perfect it "culture-less" and "lacking in self-confidence".

I, for one, absolutely adore the simplicity and practicality of the English language. Yes, here I am, I'm saying it out loud, I LOVE ENGLISH!


If this person's logic holds, my love for the English language means that I look down on Arabic. It also automatically makes me shallow, cultureless, and lacking in self-confidence. Ahuh. The only thing I look down on is sharing a common language with such mentalities, and the only thing I lack is such idiocy.
"This is especially prevalent with the English Arab blogosphere! It makes me sympathetic to see those truly pathetic people who use English in topics sillier than themselves! This also goes back to shallowness of thought and lack of selfconfidence as I have pointed out earlier, otherwise, why else would they insist?
On the other hand, I am proud of those who use English to spread Islam."

Yeee, 3aleina 3ad!

Ok, ok, enough with that. Let's talk a little about Arabic instead. Seriously, regardless of whether the person is Arab or not, how can anyone look down on Arabic? It is the most mystifying language! Arabic calligraphy by itself is mind-blowing. Watch this space for an hommage to the sheer beauty of Arabic calligraphy soon, for now, I will leave you with this painting by Egyptian artist Ahmed Moustafa (click on it to view details);

26. Egypt-Ahmed Moustafa

Fantastic, isn't it?

This is our culture. This is our identity. It's not in Arabic itself as a language- it's the whole package, you know? With the colors, the movement, and all.

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