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Monday, March 06, 2006

Pop it - a bottlecap love ode

Pepsi is one of my favorite top 10 things in the entire world. I still haven't thought of the other 9, but Pepsi certainly belongs in that list.

No one could possibly imagine the amount of Pepsi consumed in this household on a daily basis, to the utter dismay of my dad, who is keen on sending me forwards on how Pepsi rots the bones and how Pepsi is used as toilet flush. But man, I love that stuff. It's my answer to everything. Depressed? Get a liter of Pepsi and pour the depression away. Thirsty? Ahhh, ice and Pepsi. Sick? Pepsi feels like it's cleaning everything away with it's popping soda power.

And when I say Pepsi, I mean the type that comes in the cold, hard scratched up glass bottles you return for refills. You know, the ones with a lot more sugar and soda than the plastic bottles and the ones that actually don't taste like aluminum (ok, this sounds better in Arabic- that ones that don't taste like tanak). The ones with a bottlecap.

Lion, witches and glitter, OH MY

The above three paragraphs were triggered by these wonderfully cute bottlecap magnets. Bottlecaps! How very pop art.
*Thinking of all the cool stuff I could do with the gazillion bottlecaps we have around the house*

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