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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Olive Oil

Here's a piece of art from my new French book on contemporary Palestinian artists that caught my eye;

"Nablus-Jabal il Nar" by Nasser Soumi
Soap, olive oil

Interesting isn't it?

I guess I'm just extremely amused by this visualization of Nables (against stone tiles too), especially as it sort of hits home. When we were kids, we used to go spend a week or so at my grandmother's house in Nables every several years, and the things I associate most strongly with Nables are Nabulsi soap, the smell of smoke, and my grandmother's olive tree garden on the mountains.

Anyway, the French in the book didn't turn out to be too hard to understand. Looking back, I spent a good deal of highschool learning the rootwords of the English language, some of which came from French, so that's making life easier (and ok, I also took French as a subject at school for around 8 years, and I always managed to get A's, but I really don't remember much).

Hey, perhaps I'm not too bad with languages after all...

(And I'm in this particularly artsy fartsy mood, so nevermind all the art blabbing you will hear during the next few days)

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