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Sunday, March 26, 2006

number therapy

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First off, my little cousin had her 8th birthday party a few days ago, and I had to go help "babysit". Man! I'm so glad we don't have any kids!

Anyway, she's pretty much the only kid in the family, and there's a generation gap, so it was just an interesting experince watching two dozen little children be annoying.

It reminded me of this homevideo we have of when we were children, and I'm wearing this pink tutu and 'dancing' to "Kol Il Banat Bit7ebbak, Kol Il Banat 7elween". I think it's the most embarrassing thing I have. But it's interesting how it's the same games, the same actions, the same jumping around.

Again, I'm so glad we don't have any kids, but I really do feel sorry for my family, because we were all kids at the same time!

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Here are some vintage birthday pictures. It's sad how I was always the only girl.


Second off, here's another post that made me laugh (and I'm totally falling in love with this blog, fantastic isn't it? Girl power! h/t SM). (Note to Muna: shu jananek la te3qali o tet7ajabi?)

Third off, here's a post that made me grin. 3ala golet 3ami Iyas, dorrar ya Wael, dorrar!

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