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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A classic No. 2 correctly positioned behind the right ear

never loose your pencil again!
When I first saw this image, I thought, wow, what an awesome concept!

For you see, in my own mphalsaph head, I had somehow turned the grove in the paper into a therometer and the red inside into mercury. This way, my lighbulbs said, the more you sharpen your white pencil due to excessive sketching, the shorter it gets, and the hotter the mercury becomes as more red is exposed. Hot usually means good... more creativity, more dynamism.

But that's all in my own head, because if their website is anything to go by, the concept of this notebook is much, much simpler- "Never loose your pencil again! Now its always to hand right where you need it, inside your note book."


I'm sort of annoyed.

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