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Monday, February 06, 2006

You've Got Blog

"You've Got Blog" by Rebecca Mead is probably my favorite blogging-related article, and perhaps even one of the influences that got me blogging.

Here's the beginning of the article, written back in 2000 (I only heard of blogging in 2003);
"Meg Hourihan was in a bad mood. She had nothing major to
worry about, but she was afflicted by the triple malaise of a
woman in her late twenties: (a) the weather was lousy; (b) she
was working too hard; and (c) she didn't have a boyfriend. Nothing,
not even eating, seemed very interesting to her. The only thing
that did sound appealing was moving to France and finding a hot
new French boyfriend, but even when she talked about that idea
she struck a sardonic, yeah-right-like-I'm-really-going-to-do-that
kind of tone.

I know this about Meg because I read it a few months ago
on her personal Web site, which is called Megnut.com. I've been
reading Megnut for a while now, and so I know all kinds of things
about its author, like how much she loved Hilary Swank in "Boys
Don't Cry," and how she wishes there were good fish tacos
to be had in San Francisco, where she lives. I know she's a feminist,
and that she writes short stories, and that she's close to her
mom. I know that she's a little dreamy and idealistic; that she
fervently believes there is a distinction between "dot-com
people," who are involved in the Internet for its I.P.O.
opportunities, and "web people," who are in love with
the imaginative possibilities presented by the medium, and that
she counts herself among the latter."

Meg, by the way, is one of the people behind Blogger.com.

I guess I also fell in love with this article because of the romantic time travel bit (no, really, not much makes me go "aww", not even cute, chubby babies, but interestingly geeky romance does, for some reason or another).

So yeah, the article goes on detailing how Meg recognized Jason, who she initially thought was stuck up due to something he wrote on his blog, at a culture conference, and Meg somehow managed to develop a crush on Jason which led to post on a mysterious crush on Megnut.com Tit leads to tat and they ended up ICQing and ta da...

I already knew that Meg and Jason were involved, because I'd been reading their Web sites; although neither of them had written anything about the relationship, there were hints throughout their recent entries. Those hints had also been under discussion on a Web site called Metafilter. Metafilter is a "community weblog," which means that anyone who is a member can post a link to it. Most of the posts to Metafilter are links to news stories or weird Web sites, but in early June someone named Monkeyboy had linked to a photograph of Meg and Jason looking into Jason's bathroom mirror. The picture was posted on a Web site belonging to a friend of Meg's who collects photographs of the mirrors of Web celebrities. Monkeyboy also linked to Megnut's "crush" entry, and to an entry that Jason had written on Kottke.org about Meg's site design, and he posted them all on Metafilter with the words "So what's up with this? I think there's something going on here." This generated a lively discussion, with some bloggers furthering the gossip by linking to other blogs whose authors had confessed to having crushes on Jason, while others wrote in suggesting it was none of anyone's business.

This was back in 2000, six years later, Jason and Meg are engaged, which I think is totally "aww". And it is "aww" right? I mean, this how a modern fairytale should be; screw prince charming's on horses and beds of roses and stuff, dude, technology is the way to go.


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