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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wein il HiGeen?

Although I'm certainly not paranoid about cleanliness, you will never see me without a good supply of wetwipes (in the trunk), sanitizer (in sachettes in my wallet), and Shout (in the glove compartment). And if a public bathroom trip is absolutely neccesary - God forbid- wetwipes start serving as gloves.
But well, apparently,the wetwipe gloves should be used more often and for different purposes, because public toilet handles and door knobs are actually cleaner twice over when compared to mice at internet cafes!
(Thinks of all the hours I spent at Al-Farouki Internet Cafe in Shmesani)

So here are the dirty half dozen, just in case your mother ever told you otherwise;

1. Shopping cart handles - 1100 CFU per 10 sq cm
2. Internet café computer mouse - 690
3. Bush hand straps - 380
4. Public toilet handles and door knobs - 340 (yeah, yeah, I bet they've never visited the bathroom on the Syrian/Jordanian borders).
5. Lift buttons at 130
6. Train hand straps - 86

[via The Age]

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