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Monday, February 06, 2006

Wanna see?

With new technology comes new solutions, and although I find that this is even worse in concept that the 5 JD rose on Valentine's Day, it's worth mentioning. So basically, if you don't feel like adding a cute card with that bouqet of roses, you can always take the lazy way out and print "Thank You" with a rose printer. Add a brand on the otherside too. Hmm.

I dislike. I dislike very much.

Next comes a solution that doesn't need much kick-ass technology to be devised, and it's really nothing new, but I'm digging it. All you need is a stencil, "that paint thingy that comes in a can" (to bits), and a pet. Ta da. Instant advertising.
Before the animal rights people of you look at me in horror, I really do like animals, and I actually love cats (just look at the cuteness that is Whitey). Thing is, my hands are permentantly covered with spray paint or glue or anything similar, so the idea of spray painting a cat isn't too appalling to me.

But well, just to make you feel better and stuff, I also absolutely love these "Let's not brand/sell/profitize on wildlife" advertisements. They're smart.

My favorite "alternative media" ads though come on band-aids, cause you know, stitches are for sissys. I love it, and I think the phrases used and the whole "injury" deal go exceptionally well with VW's "Driver's wanted" tagline. Nice.

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