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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Something Good

I was actually afraid to do a round-up of Arab reactions to the Denmark cartoon fiasco, afraid that I will get depressed at the reactions, but now that I did get to doing it, I'm actually smiling.

I will quote a few people before redirecting you to the round-up on toot's blog, starting with Haitham Sabbah:
“My answer is from within the same concept. Why do you think that ALL Muslims condemn ALL of Denmark? You see my point? ALL? You think ALL in Denmark think we ALL condemn Denmark! This is not true. This is not the case, and was not the case. What you see on TV, read in newspapers, etc… is part of the truth. Muslims and Islam don’t call for hate and violence. And those you see and hear are only part of the Muslim world.”

I will also quote Abu Aardvark:
"The cartoons crisis does not "prove" that there is a "clash of civilizations": it provides an opportunity for those on both sides who want a "clash of civilizations" to help make it come true. The appropriate response to such cynical mobilization is not to embrace it but to deflate it...I've been dismayed by how the media has handled itself on all sides. Al-Jazeera has not been particularly constructive...Even if its coverage of the story itself could be defended in purely professional terms - it is, after all, now a big story, and I haven't seen any other networks, Arab or Western, abstaining from coverage."

And the Egyptian Sandmonkey:
"Now while the arab islamic population was going crazy over the outrage created by their government's media over these cartoons, their governments was benifitting from its people's distraction. The Saudi royal Family used it to distract its people from the outrage over the Hajj stampede. The Jordanian government used it to distract its people from their new minimum wage law demanded by their labor unions. The Syrian Government used it to create secterian division in Lebanon and change the focus on the Harriri murder. And, finally, the Egyptian government is using it to distract us while it passes through the new Judiciary reforms and Social Security Bill- which will cut over $300 million dollars in benefits to some of Egypt's poorest families. But, see, the people were not paying attention, because they were too busy defending the prophet by sending out millions of e-mails and SMS-messages, boycotting cheese and Lego and burning Butter and the danish Flag."

Now, you can proceed to reading the round-up of some Arab reactions here.
If only sane logical voices can reach the international media rather than the hate fests.

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