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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Shmesani back on track

JU 248

JU 215

These pictures are, quite obviously, unrelated to boycotts, Hamas and minimum wages- instead, they have more to do with where I was tonight, who I hung out with, and what I ate; ladies and gentlemen, Shmesani kids -with their spoiled, flakey, empty lives and shallow, airheaded attitudes- are back. Yeah. Weeee-ha. Here's an attempt to find a goal to an obviously purposeless life. Ahuh. Really.

Shmesani girl also says, Akram Baker is an awesome musician, and he should come to the Shmesani part of Amman so that brats such as herself could enjoy such good music more often. I know she has said this several times before (and lookie here, I even have a very pictorial, branded, Westernized Shmesani accout of a previous Akram "gig"! Yay!)- but really, he's just talented (and you can hear a sample on this Mix Up Arabia podcast).

Too Shmesani for you? Oh, well. Too bad.

No, seriously, look into my eyes and concentrate on what I tell you- "You are a Shmesani brat who will live all your life as a flake, your life has no purpose. Try to adopt a real goal in life, find yourself maybe."

On this beeeeeeee-autiful Wednesday, Shmesani Kids Club sends love to all!
Shmesani Girl

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