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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Releasing my monsters

I've been biting my tongue and keeping my hands tied behind my back to avoid mentioning the damn two words on this blog, but the monsters in me begging for freedom of expression and death to self-censorship have won- I can't remain quiet any longer. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD!

First there was the boycott, which I was strongly against because I couldn't understand why we should punish a whole country as well as freedom of speech for some irresponsible and naive cartoons drawn by people who are obviously so ignorant about Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. I also found it unneeded for governments to help ignite the anger in the citizens who didn't see the cartoons anyway. Then, although I personally didnt think it was necessary, the newspaper apologized. There we go, I thought, they apologize although we misreact. Thank you, end of goddamn story.

Not. Why? Because for some reason, an apology wasn't enough for us. I looked at friends and family in horror as they told me that the boycott should last for months regardless of the apology because a half-ass apology is not enough. I sat shocked as I read urges written by people I respect that they are not satisfied- "Shu howeh 7a yenda7ak 3aleina bi kelmetein?"

Then things went out of hand. Embassies are being burnt down. People are being killed. Qura'ans are being torched. Much worse cartoons of the Prophet drawn out of spite rather than ignorance are appearing here and there. Anti-Western sentiment in the Muslim world is increasing. Islamophobia in the Western world is escalating.

I'm compelled to scream, "Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted when you said an apology is not enough? Property being burnt, people being killed?" But no, I won't scream, for even the monsters of someone as hotheaded as myself aren't that untamed.

It's comically ironic how we are protesting against freedom of speech, but as they say, "Faqed il 7aq la yo3teeh". It's ironic how we manage to stand united over cartoons but watch silently as attrocities are committed against our fellow brethren. Yet most ironically of all, we are standing against the teachings of the Prophet we are defending.

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