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Friday, February 10, 2006

14 °C


Less than 30 hours ago, this same porch was covered with snow. Today, it's such gorgeous weather that we decided that we will have lunch outside (khyar ma2li just in case you're wondering, Nabelsi cuisine at its best). What can I say... global warming is growing on me.

Eating outside makes me feel like I'm back in Riyadh, especially as my dad is here for the weekend. Back in Riyadh, every Friday, the neighbors would organize a pot-luck sort of lunch and everyone would gather around the common area and spend the rest of the day eating, playing water polo in the pool, and smoking argeeleh. Ammanites aren't the most social people though- aside from the Khouris across the street, I don't really know anyone in the neigborhood, although it's been "our neighborhood" for the past 30 years.

And hmm, I just realized that I now consider 14 °C "gorgeous". So much for the days when 14 °C was the chilliest part of Riyadh's desert winter.

Old picture of Friday lunch in Riyadh

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