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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Serving: toot

I remember a time when I could count the Arabian blogs on my reading list on one hand; Subzero Blue, Mental Mayhem, Mahmood's Den, and Moorish Girl. The Arabian blogosphere was small then, but this wasn't the case for long- there was a blog explosion in 2005 and blogs are still showing up right and left on a daily basis from all around the Arab world. As an avid blogger myself, I find this wonderful, with one little problem- it's becoming really difficult to keep up with the good posts.

And this is where toot comes in- quality content, served on a platter. We read. We pick. We present. You can count on us to share with you interesting reads from a community of people you can relate to. Ahh, the beauty of humanizing the web!

Who is we? Ahmad, Mazen, Karim, George, Wael, and Jad. People who have become my friends before toot through the phenomenon that is blogging.

For the launch, we decided that the best idea was to stay small, limiting the number of blogs featured on toot to 50. The criteria is based on several factors, concentrating on quality content but also including age of blog and how often it is updated, while also keeping in mind country, gender, and language ratios. Featured posts are picked based on originality and diversity.

Of course, the initial 50 blogs featured are in no way the only good content, and with time, toot will grow and have the ability to accommodate more, for afterall, toot is for everyone.

For the seemingly hundredth time, I'm really excited about the prospects! toot on!

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