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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The life of a design student...

bay 009

I guess I would take being at some kitsch printing center arguing over colors late at night for a project final than trying to cram for a test, but it gets so tedious anyway!

Especially when nothing goes right- my red is a 7afartali shade of watermelon pink, Sara forgot to create the outlines so the font looks funny, Noor's file is busted... and the project is due in less than 7 hours! The waiting que at the printers is 2 hours long, so we'll pick them up tomorrow before class although class starts at 8:00 AM sharp.Ya 7alawlaw.

Stressing at the moment in the freezing winter, but I'm looking forward laughing about it in a few months just like we laugh at all the times we spent creating clay furniture and taking pictures of chairs.

I'm praying for snow tonight.

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