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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The life of a design student 2...

Waiting for the janitor to open the door....

With plans to hit the sack after my class, I was so high on caffeine this morning that everything around me was just absolutely and mindblowingly amusing(oooh).

To make things even better, it's a Saturday, so the University of Jordan was beautifully desolate- so desolate that the janitor(with the keys) showed up 35 minutes late, so I spent my morning sitting on the floor in the hallways of the hideously green IT department, amusing myself with my ever-handy Canon.

Click on thumbs below to get magically morphed into another window with the actual image as well as a caption:

Oops...The Mohammads///MusalaEmpty....
College of Art in Design (IT Department)Me and Noor being all huggy-huggyEmptyMarah

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