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Friday, January 06, 2006

Knafeh ya knafeh

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My dad "cooking" knafeh

Wow, Wikipedia actually has an article on knafeh!

Knafeh (Arabic كنافة), also pronounced "kunafah" or "kunfeh," is a kind of sweet made of pastry, cheese, and syrup. The knafeh from the city of Nablus (called Knafeh Nabulsiyye) is the most famous throughout the Arab world.
Knafeh dough comes in two types:

  • khishneh (Arabic خشنة) "rough", consisting of kadaif pastry, which looks like long thin noodle threads.
  • na'ama (Arabic ناعمة) "fine", consisting of small pieces of semolina clustered together.

The pastry is heated with some butter or margarine for a while and then spread with soft cheese and more pastry; or the khishneh kunafah is rolled around the cheese. A thick syrup, consisting of sugar, water and a couple of lemon juice drops, is poured on the pastry during the last minutes of cooking.
Often the top layer of kadaif pastry is colored using orange food coloring.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you, Wikipedia.

Hailing from Nables and all, knafeh is a way-too-essential part of our life, making it is actually more of a feast than anything else. As I'm writing, there's this constant flood of images of my parents making knafeh over the years. My mother always prepares the mix of pastry and cheese, and my father always "cooks" it, making a point that knafeh is a man's job.

An old picture in Riyadh... making knafeh

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Basem's hair need's to watch out

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