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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I have crush on Apple

I have one heck of a crush on Apple. The kind of glorious crush where I feel like passing out when surrounded by a certain amount of beautiful and perfect pieces of machinery. The kind of corporeal crush where I want to run the tips of my fingers over the cold metal and soft plastic and get bedazzled by the faery-style white light. The kind of crush where I want to put an Apple laptop inside a lucite case and place it lovingly on my coffee table as some sort of ultra-modern readymade sculpture for the sole purpose my visual enjoyment.

Crush, I say, not love- the kind of carnal crush that might or might not develop into a real beneficial relationship, because, truth is, I'm a PC user, and probably will continue being so for a while(I mean, dude, check this out, via Y. Malakha).

Anyhow, during the past several days since Apple unveiled both the Macbook Pro and the result of putting an Intel chip in bed with a Mac, I've been watching the reaction in the blogosphere with amazement. Steve Jobs is a marketing genius. The guy just has a gift for understanding what appeals to millions of consumers(I guess someone did quite well in Public Relations 101). People all over the world are reacting as if someone has just discovered the elixir of life!

Just check out how the Jobs & Co. Describe their new machine, "You've dreamed about it long enough. Now it has a name: MacBook Pro. Powered by a dual-core Intel engine. Up to four times the speed of the PowerBook G4. Eight times the graphics bandwidth. With built-in iSight for instant video conferencing on the move. And Front Row with Apple Remote to dazzle everyone in the room. Wait no more."

Ooh, baby! Check out all the emotional and sexual connotations. Sleek, hot, I'm drooling- dude, sex sells.

Naturally with all the glowing media attention after Apple's Big Announcement '06, Apple's stock price headlines ended up in everyone's RSS readers- shares surged a record-breaking more than $4 on the same day of the unveiling and an additional $3 the next day breaking a record yet again. Stocks for Apple are at an all time high.

Pretty cool. I bow to Jobs.

Apple's 30th anniversary is coming up on April 1. I'm actually excited to see reactions of Apple evanglistis and the adoring retrospective media coverage.

For the love of technology? For a heck of a lot of brand power? For His Jobness Steve? For the cool-ization and sexy-ization of geekdom? For the beautiful machinery? Who knows.

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