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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Box goes far away...

While on my daily Jordan Planet surf, I log on today to Tololy's Box and find a redesign, so I email Tololy with wishes for happy new year and a pat on the back.

So Roba sends Tololy an email to wish her a Happy New Year.

I also email her a picture I took downtown around a year or so ago that's very similar to her new header image, mainly because a few weeks back, she emailed me a picture she took last summer that's very similar to my header image! Whee!

And much to Tololy's surprise, Roba attaches a picture to her email, one very similar to the new header at the Box!

Tololy replies with an attachment herself- and for a minute, I thought Tololy sent me an empty email back with the original picture that I sent. But then, upon scrutiny, I realized that shit!- It's not my picture, but it's a picture taken at the same exact and angle as the picture that I sent her! How freaky! Blogerette ESP, anyone?
Naturally, the blogger in me is thinking "Dude, that's so weird! I so wanna blog this!"

The Fates could not be more cunning! A quick look at the picture that Roba sent proves to Tololy that she has the same exact picture on some CD in some corner. She fishes for the CD, then for the picture, and says : This is freakish! you won't believe it! and sends the email off to Roba.

A shared blogblock day resulted in an MSN conversation and an idea for an experimental blog post, sorta like synchronized swimming ;)

Tololy sends Roba an email that says: “Ok listen here's a suggestion coz I'm blogblocked today. Could you blog it for me too? Have you as a guest-blog? what do you think?”
And there you have it. The fruit of telepathy and a blogger's block, an interaction between Tololy and Roba. Should we mention how scary it was to discover how similar the two pictures are? Or how the two girls turned out to be pretty experimental?

Musicalinstruments Pictures 710
So which one's mine and which one's Tololy's you think?

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