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Monday, January 30, 2006

الدنيا لسا بخير

While trying to not get too angry over the huge fuss that will probably make the poor Lurpak cow a little slimmer, Jameed shared a headline that made me take a deep breath and smile;

عجوز أردنية تطلب الطلاق حتى لا تلتقي بزوجها في الآخرة

Ahhh, like I said, life is swell baby.
Allah ykhaleelna 3a2latna.

Superman, save me! Save me!

Wisdom of the day courtsey of dearest Jameed, "Screw the readers, post whatever will make you feel better. You can also unleash your fury on me. Ana mish fahem leish m3assbeh la hal darajeh, let alone why you think i am very quotable tonight. Gee... "

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