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Monday, December 12, 2005

The hugsie-oosie part of blog culture

A few months ago, Ethan Zuckermann wrote a sentence that I have come to use quite often;

"Become a blogger and you wi’ll never have to have coffee alone again."

In Jordan, I cannot even start to count the numerous cups of coffee that I've had with various bloggers from all over the world, both Jordanian and otherwise; went off to Riyadh, and one of the people on my primary-list-of-people-to-see was fellow Saudi "blogga sista" Farah. Every time, I find myself pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I am with the bloggers I'm meeting, and with specific bloggers, even feeling like they're more of long lost friends than people I've just met.

This weekend, I got to meet around 90 bloggers from all over the world, most of whom I never read before- but within seconds, conversations quickly kicked off, whether they were about languages, culture, or operating systems.

Yet, but what really made me realize the implications of the intimacy of blogging was spending time with the bloggers whose blogs I've been following for years- Subzero Blue, Aquacool, Sabbah, and Madas.


When I arrived at London in the afternoon, the art freak in me was too excited to go museum touring in the few hours before dinner, so I just dropped my bags at the reception in the hotel and went to the Tate Modern(where I almost had a heart attack from the first hand beauty of works by DuChamp, Warhol, Mondrian, Rodin, and Picasso). Between figuring out the directions to the Tate Modern, how the hell to use the tube station, and where in the humongousity of a city I've never been to before is the restaurant at, I arrived to the dinner quite late. But after a day of extreme feelings in regards to foreign-ity, seeing Haitham, Eman, MMM, and Ethan, all of whom I've met once before, was like finding myself sitting in Wild Jordan and starting at what I've grown up staring at- Amman's mountains.

bay 10602

I spent the entire next day with Eman and MMM, whether at the summit or afterwards when we went and spent the evening walking around London with another Jordanian blogger, Madas.

bay 10606 London

As for hugsie-oosie, one of the instances that made me laugh during the GVO Summit this Saturday was David Sasaki on the difference between bloggers and journalists-

"I feel like I'm a host at a party, talking to different people, like me introduce you to this person... tracking conversations. But in my mind, the blogosphere isn’t a "medium" as much as it is a cafe, a conversational space.
We should have more contact with journalists...I often end up meeting a blogger, and say "I know you, I read you, I've seen you on flickr", and give them a hug. I don't feel that way about journalists.
I'd like to... Would all journalists hug me, today?"

As for London, Roba is insanely in love with it; it is so beautifully diverse and so full of life. Add to that, the English are one heck of a beautifully dressed people(yes, yes, call me shallow, but it's a very enjoyable experience looking at wonderfully dressed people, and damn, their shoes, their shoes!) Hopefully, I try to look for a chance to visit london for a prolonged period of time perhaps for an art course or something similar some time within the next few years.

As I didn't get to see London during daytime for more than 2 hours, there are few pictures, most of which you can look at in my flickr photostream here, or you can just click on thumbs below.

bay 10537LondonLondonLondon

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