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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Canvassing around the Planet

Lost count of the meet-ups like I said earlier... in too much of a good mood to write anything intelligable(is that word?)
People there:

Ahmad Humeid
Laith Zreigat
Laith Majali
Joe Kalis
Ziad Kawar
Mariam Adas
Ammar Ibrahim
Alaa Ibrahim
Isam Bayazidi
Abeer Bayazidi
Jad Madi
Rami Abdel-Rahman
Mohammad Arrabi
Nader Shnoudi
Mira Shnoudi
Lina Ejeilat
Tamer Al Nasser
Naseem Tamimi

Bas? Felt like much more... let me know if I forgot someone...

My favorite part? We had Al-Bawaba, Jeeran, and Maktoob on the same table. Awesome. We also had toot :)

bay 10683 bay 10684

bay 10685 bay 10688

bay 10679 bay 10678

bay 10677 bay 10676

You can find more pictures in the Jordan Meetup pool I created on Flickr, and please add any pictures you might have.

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