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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The best breakfast in town...

bay 944

One of our favorite treats is going to go have lunch at the Bakehouse, a little(or recently, not so little anymore) breakfast house in an offbeat corner in Jabal Amman.

I'm not a huge fan of breakfast, and I'd most definitely never ever consider ordering omlettes, yet I find myself craving the famous Bakehouse omlette ever so often(and I'm actually craving one now). It's so good that I'm totally willing to advertise it for free!

Aside from their finger-licking-good omlettes, it's really a quite an endearing place in terms of design- a hideous shade of bright mint green, with a really tacky brown brick wall pattern, fake flowers in china milk bottles, and parquet floors. Very Napoleon Dynamite, which only adds to the experience.

bay 947

And here's a picture I can't help but share... I really do love the holiday season, whether the town turns into half moons or Christmas lights, and weather Abdo is wearing a suit or dressed as Santa. He makes a very scary Santa though doesn't he?

bay 10649

Click here for map of Bakehouse. Jabal Amman, Rainbow Street.

Cups and Kilos(Abdo place) is infront of the Radisson SAS in Jabal Amman.

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