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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Announcing the December Jordanian Blogger Meet-up

Ok, so the Decemeber Jordanian blogger meet-up will be held on Friday the 23rd of December at 6:30 PM.

We have three four(yes, I can't count, I can't count- do you have to rub it in?) special guests showing up: Madas, Ziad, Rami, Laith Majali, and Abu Sinno.

Place of meet-up is still undecided, because someone is threatning to shoot me if we have it at Wild Jordan one more time. Suggestions have included a terrace, Canvas, and Amigos.

From my side, it's a big no-no to Amigos and terraces, but I think Canvas sounds appealing(but please suggest). Quite honestly, I still think Wild Jordan is the perfect place to have it, but I've been in a cocoonish mood, so you vote!

Add a note, comment, email, etc, if you're coming so that I can reserve. You can also email me at roba@jordanplanet.net with your email/phone number and I will email you/SMS you once we have a set place to go.


The fine print: all Jordanian bloggers and none-Jordanian bloggers currently in/visiting Jordan are invited.

NOTE: If you are a Jordanian blogger not residing in Jordan or a blogger interested in meeting Jordanian bloggers and you happen to have a trip to Jordan scheduled any time within the next several months, email me and I will arrange a meet-up.

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