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Friday, December 02, 2005

The amusements of the desert-bred

bay 10369

As Lina said, we have been enjoying a week of purrr-fect Autumnish weather in Amman, so perfect I even went for a walk(I'm usually more into metals and plastics than leaves and flowers).

Although this is my third autumn in Amman, I'm still in a minor state of shock at the fact that there really are four seasons in this world, and it's not just Holywood's way of making life look pretty(or scary, depending on their marketing purposes).

It's pretty amusing walking on the beautiful asphalt and hearing the crunching of leaves beneath your shoes. I, being the impulsive picture taker(and freak as several people on the street made clear with their staring problems), will share my solo afternoon walk with the internet.

bay 10398

bay 9861

bay 10408

bay 10335

bay 10351

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