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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Funk On-Tour Festival '05

The Funk On-Tour Festival '05 Amman Jordan

The first annual Funk On-Tour Festival is taking place this summer, a localized "Battle of the Bands" sort of event aiming to highlight local heavy metal bands by the virtue of competition. I really, really love the idea of Jordanian unprocessed and unmarketed music aimed at the youth, for this is music at its purest form.

Tonight, I tuned into one of these competitions to get a better jest of things. I'm not much of a metal-head, although admittedly, there are some metal numbers that rank among my favorites. The bands though were a little too metalish for my taste, and as this was my first metal experience in Amman, I found my self completely shocked at the local goth/heavy metal scene that I was completely unaware of.

bay 378

Although there is a fair amount of goths at Jordan University, I was a little overwhelmed at the amount of white-faced females with cobwebs across their cheeks and theatrical shades of lipstick that I didn't even know existed posing as Black Dahlia. The males were less intimidating, mostly sticking to very bushy goatees and band t-shirts. Yes, yes, I am most definitely a rocker... I've sported bright pink hair a la Gwen Stefani before she turned bleh, but I would never want to look like Black Dahlia.

If you're interested in going to the rest of the Funk On-Tour Festival competitions, check out the schedule here.

bay 379 bay 365
Casting the vote and Overture playing

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