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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Ba of BF of A... I know... "HUH?"

The design department at Jordan University has this interesting (yet peculiar) system going on. First of all, we don't have any specialization. That is- no one will graduate with a BA in 'Graphic design", "Interior design", or "Web design", but rather, you'll get around 30 graduates a year with the whole package- a "BFA in Visual Arts/ Design".

That's all cool of course, because there's something so appealing in the BFA part(hey seriously, who here can flaunt a Bachelor of Fine Arts?). The uncool part about getting "the whole package" is that they basically try to stuff everything there is to know about design in 2 years(two because the freshman year is more like an art foundation course, where we learn everything from sculpting to painting to etching, and the senior year is more like one giant final project and one-giant-final-projects don't count.)

So in these two years(count the terms: there are 4 of them) between freshman and senior, you can witness the development of 30 multipurpose designers:

Term 1- Product Design, or Two Dimensional Design, or whatever the heck the official name of the course is. This course was really fun, and I posted most of the projects… Term 2- Interior Design, or Three Dimensional Design, or Space Design.. again.. whatever the heck.. I'm absolutely hating it! It's mindless, very boring, and extremely empty. I'm really, really glad I didn't study architecture. I'm just not "finding myself". Term 3- Graphic design. Term 4- Web design.

Oh, wow, this is turning into a very pointless post. But really, I have a point- I'm really hating this semester! I'm not enjoying hatching, the coloring, the building, the stairs, and drawing plans, sections, and perspectives. I can't wait till this term is over!

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