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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hawiian shirts, sneakers(of course), and JORDAN WILD

(Here's one very long post with too many pictures for your entertainment, pictures grow when clicked. Please tell me your screen-resolution is 1024 x 768 or higher.)

Today "a couple of bloggers" met up for coffee and an interview with Eddie Taylor from Royal Wings. It was supposed to be a "couple of bloggers", but as Isam says, "the more the merrier", and so it was 6 bloggers instead; Nader Shnoudi, Hind Sabanekh, Isam Bayazidi, Ammar Ibrahim, Mira Shnoudi, and myself. I really wish the rest were there, especially Natasha&Jeff(Jeff! No one took real pictures!), Eman&MMM, Mr. Malhas, Linda and Iyas.

The venue chosen was JORDAN WILD, and we spent around 2 and a half hours or so talking about blogging and Jordan. It was really good, dare I say better than the first meet-up where I personally had no idea what was going on thanks to Blue Fig's loud music.
I was also really happy to meet Eddie, Hind and Mira.

Some pictures:

Yes, that is a butterfly over Nader's shoulder, as it's "Butterfly Collection" month at JORDAN WILD(and Ammar decided to make sure Nader is a part of the action).

And of course, I’ve saved the best for last- Eddie's vintage Adidas trainers doing a ballet move. Absolutely fantastic, or shall I say, DAMAR!

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