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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Digitally Yours

I'm really loving the recent trend of using digitally designed images on the very traditional media like clay and ceramics. There was Scott Rench, who's work(computer generated images printed with a ceramic glaze onto clay) I fell in love with. Now there's Digitile Designs by ceramist Dominic Crinson. Crinson transfers digital images onto ceramic tiles, and his products are stunning- fresh, different, and very artistic.

The same idea is also available for wallpaper, carpeting, and floor tiles.

My favorite design is called "Moco"(above), inspired by Moorish arabesque designs. I absolutely love the combination of a very traditional form of Arabic art and digitization. How does this pattern look when implemented? It actually looks pretty cool, check out a product in the gallery here.

+MoCo Loco

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