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Friday, March 25, 2005

Interesting Designs

Designer: Pochly Claude Bardel @ tosh-design.com This multi-functional vase/fruitbowl is unique, creative and functional.

Designer: Zac Ridgely @ ridgelystudioworks.com. It's a metal grill cube filled with river stone and a light in the middle. Functional boxed nature, it's both sculpture and night table.

Designer: Alistair Chang @ oehm.ca. Acrylic seating that actually looks delicious! I also love their website, pretty cool idea.

Designers: John Brauer, Hans Falleboe @ essey.com and @ blaudesign.jp. A paper bin made of hard plastic that looks like crumpled paper. Oxymoronic design?

Desinger: Michael Ruh @ Squid Lighting. Handblown glass, flourescent lit Squid Lighting, simple aesthetic complexity. Absolutely stunning. I really want to learn how to blow glass.

+MoCo Loco

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