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Monday, February 14, 2005

Are We Related?

My aunt and I have spent the last few days digging up the past- making phone calls, reading old scripts compiled by my great great grandfather, and spending hours hunched over Photoshop. I must say, I'm quite happy with the result; a 10-generation family tree of my mother's family, Dallal.

This is the first time I ever study the genealogy of a Palestinian family, and I was deeply fascinated by the results. Although we're aware of the fact that my mother's family is originally from Mekkah, it is impossible to trace back to over 900 years ago, so we decided to start tracing from Yousuf Tahboob, who migrated from Hebron to Nablus towards the end of the 1600s, and who was to become the first Dallal of Nablus(Dallal:a person who pampers something/someone. This title was given to him because he was a fez-seller and he used to sing to his fezes).

Our branch of the Dallal's continued to live in Nablus until my mother's great grandfather moved to ToulKarem in the beginning of the 1900s. Later on, our branch of the Dallal's moved out of Palestine permanently when my grandfather and his 2 brothers moved to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the U.S. around 1950, and that is where each of the brothers' families continued to live.

Most of the rest of the Dallal branches have moved to Jordan.

Another interesting thing I discovered while compiling the tree is how the Dallal's and the Saqf-Il-Heit's are always marrying each other.

I posted the family tree we compiled here. It's in Arabic, but if you do read it, take a look, we might be nasayeb :P You can find my family if you trace Yousef-> Qasem-> Mahmood-> Hussein-> Jamil-> Shakeeb-> Rula.

Next project will be the Assi family tree, which I'm guessing will be impossible, as my dad alone has around 112 neices and nephews. I do though know the story of why we became "Al-Assi" - "Al-3assi" means the disobedient, so when you're saying Roba Al-Assi, it litreally translates to Roba the Disobedient. Around 6 generations ago, Baker Al-Mutabaqani of Al-Madinah(Saudi Arabia) ran away to Palestine, and thus was given the title "The Disobedient" or "Al-3assi" because he disobeyed his family. The title stuck and became our family name. How romantic right?

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