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Sunday, February 06, 2005

The 10 Most Pointless USB-Powered Inventions

I'll tell you what- they are taking the USB-craze wayyy too far! At first, when it was only the USB sushi flash drive and the USB watch, I could handle it, but now, with the arrival of USB incense burners and USB flowerpots, I just have to rant.

Here are the top 10 very pointless USB related technologies that I have come upon these last several months:

1. Stuffed animal USB flash drive, because the little daughter really needs a flash drive.

2. USB-powered fan(if only it didn't look like the 1 JD stuff you find being sold in streetlight intersections in Jordan)

3. And the best of the lot, a USB-powered nail polish kit. Hm...

4. Of course, there has to be the commercialized Christmas share of USB-powered goodies, one which is the drumming, singing Santa.

5. And a snowman and a christmas tree that ligh up(weeh!).

6. Desktop Decorations- because an aquarium would look utterly gorgeous next to my optical mouse...

7. Make your computer the perfect party station- use your mp3s with a USB-powered disco ball!

8. The USB-powered eye massager

9. The USB-powered aroma pot(what happened to good old pretty tea lights?)

10. And last but not least, the most pointless invention of all; The USB-powered Noodle Strainer!!!

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