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Monday, January 17, 2005


Get this- six oversized kids(4 over 190 cms and 2 over 175), the backseat of my tiny Mitsubishi Lancer, and a midnight trip to Gerard's Ice Cream Store. Together.

Yeah, a lot of lap usage, a lot of whining, and a hell of a chaotic ride.
So today, I was VERY happy when (finally!) my brother Hisham's car arrived.

After selling our Venture van last year, this is a huge milestone for the Assi's. We actually went to lunch without squishing myself, Hisham, Omar, Gus, Abed, Yazan, Sami, Basem, and Sajem in my poor Lancer.

Mabrook Hisham, I know you've been waiting for this forever. Now, you can drive yourself to your guitar lessons :P

Hisham's car tired after a long trip across the Jordan-Saudi borders

Myself enjoying the fact that the other half of the family isn't squished into my backseat

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